Date of launch Time of launch Weather Wind Sea state at
casualty or search area
Date returned Time refuelled & RFS
22/10/02 09:20 Rain, Moderate vis S f 7 Rough (3m swell) 22/10/02 10:15 Car Ferry
The lifeboat stood by as the tug tried to refloat the ferry
38. Notified by Solent CG that a 19,000 ton car ferry with 114 PoB was aground on a sand bank with a tug attempting to tow/push the ferry into deep water. In adverse conditions and shallow water it was thought prudent for the lifeboat to standby at the harbour entrance. At 10:02 the ferry refloated on the rising tide and regained deepwater before continuing its' passage to Dieppe. Once the tug was safely inside the harbour the lifeboat was stood down.
20/10/02 08:21 Fine, Good vis ENE f 3-4 Slight 20/10/02 08:50 Powerboat with cabin
37. Informed by Solent CG of vessel with 1 PoB aground in Seaford Bay. When lifeboat arrived vessel with owner and Newhaven CG on board in deeper water. 1 Lifeboat crew member put aboard to assist and vessel escorted to Newhaven.
13/10/02 01:10 Fine, Good vis NE f 2-3 Slight 13/10/02 05:30 Large fishing vessel
36. Mayday received by Solent CG from MFV 4 nautical miles from Newhaven with 4 PoB and fire in engine room. On arrival at scene the vessel had no power and was unable to recover fishing gear or raise derricks making approach difficult. 3 lifeboat crew transferred to casualty with pump and hoses to start boundary cooling. Lifeboat returned to Newhaven to collect East Sussex Fire Brigade maritime team. Returned with 9 Fire Brigade personnel and equipment some of whom boarded casualty and confirmed the fire had been extinguished by Lifeboat crew but blanketed engine room with foam to prevent danger of re-ignition. When confirmed that fire was extinguished and the vessel was safe it was towed to Newhaven and berthed with assistance from the pilot boat.
29/09/02 16:10 Fine, Good vis SE f 2 Moderate 29/09/02 16:35 Small fishing vessel
35. Solent CG reported an orange smoke flare set off 2 nautical miles south of Peacehaven. On arrival at scene Lifeboat found another fishing vessel had casualty in tow and as no longer required returned to station.
26/09/02 14:50 Fine, Good vis NNW f 4 Slight 26/09/02 15:15 Kite surfer
34. Kite surfer reported in trouble in Seaford Bay. On scene surfer reported gear failure. Surfer and rig recovered and returned to Newhaven.
15/09/02 23:08 Fine, Good vis NNE f 3 Slight to moderate 16/09/02 07:18 Large merchant vessel
33. Requested to assist East Sussex Fire Brigade maritime unit dealing with fire in cargo hold of cargo ship 6 nautical miles SSE of Beachy Head. Left Newhaven with AFF foam and Divisional Fire Officer and transferred both to casualty. Relieved Eastbourne Lifeboat who had been assisting, stood by as safety boat and helped carry out checks on vessels condition using thermal imaging cameras throughout night. Stood down when salvage crew arrived and vessel proceeded to Portsmouth escorted by CG tug.
13/09/02 17:08 Fine, Good vis SW f4 Slight to moderate 13/09/02 17:40 Person drowning
32. A speedboat reported finding a swimmer face down in Seaford Bay. Casualty taken on board at 17:15 and resuscitation commenced by our paramedic. The casualty was handed into care of Sussex Ambulance Service who continued resuscitation but unfortunately the casualty did not survive.
11/09/02 11:30 Fine, Good vis NE f 1-2 Calm 11/09/02 13:30 Recovery of human body
31. Requested by Solent CG to recover a human body from the beach at base of cliffs west of Belle Toute. On arrival requested by Sussex Police to wait until the scene was examined. When all clear given the body was recovered by Y boat, transferred to the lifeboat and handed into the care of Sussex Police on our return to Newhaven.
09/09/02 18:36 Squally rain SW f7-8 V rough (4-5 m swell) 09/09/02 20:32 13m Trawler in adverse conditions
30. After returning from earlier service we received information that the MFV was experiencing adverse weather conditions. We again offered to escort the vessel to Newhaven and this time our offer was accepted. We were alongside the casualty at 19:10 and commenced slow escort to harbour, both vessels entering safely at 20:15.
09/09/02 16:45 Squally rain SW force 7-8 Gusting force
V rough (4-5 m swell) 09/09/02 18:27 13m Trawler in adverse conditions & Royal Navy tender with persons overboard
Photo taken from the warship as we approached the RIB   The view from the warship as we arrived on scene   CG Helo India Juliet arrived just after we recovered the two ratings
29. The trawler's crewman was anxious due to the adverse weather conditions and concerned for his well being the skipper requested Solent CG to arrange for his transfer from the vessel. As we launched Solent CG received a Mayday call from a Royal Naval Warship who's Sea Rider RIB had capsized south of Brighton Marina with two persons in the water and the Warship (a Hunt Class Minesweeper) standing by unable to recover them. The lifeboat proceeded at best possible speed in the conditions to the scene arriving at the upturned boat at 17:10. The two naval ratings clinging to the upturned hull were thrown a heaving line and pulled alongside then on board the lifeboat. The two casualties were quickly assessed by our paramedic and although shaken and cold were considered fit to stay aboard whilst we proceeded to the last reported position of the original casualty, the trawler. Reaching the trawler at 17:40 it was considered prudent in the adverse conditions to request the CG Rescue Helo India Juliet, which had recently arrived having also been scrambled to assist in the Warship incident, to evacuate the casualty and take him straight to hospital. The lifeboat stood by as he was lifted off using hi line. The now single handed skipper was offered an escort to Newhaven but he decided to stay and ride out the weather until it abated before he attempted to enter the harbour. Our paramedic who had been monitoring their condition felt it would be imprudent to keep the two naval ratings at sea for too much longer so we returned to station and handed them into the care of the Sussex Ambulance Service.
23/08/02 15:20 Overcast, Good vis SSW f 1-2 Calm 23/08/02 18:30 10m Cabin cruiser on fire
28. The vessel had reported an out of control fire on board and Brighton ILB launched to their assistance and on arrival found that the 2 PoB had been taken off by another passing boat and were safe and well. The vessel on fire was reported to have full fuel tanks and a number of gas canisters on board. Brighton ILB requested our launch to help keep other vessels out of the area and to take a Fire Officer on board to advise. Both lifeboats stood by until 16:30 when advised safe to approach. We used two hoses to douse flames attempting to minimise water used as the hull was settling into the sea. When the flames were extinguished Brighton ILB took the smouldering hull in tow but it sank soon afterwards.
15/08/02 19:36 Fine, Good vis SW f 1 Calm N/A N/A Dive boat unable to recover divers
27. We were requested by Dover CG to proceed to assist a dive boat broken down with 1 PoB and 2 divers due to surface. Eastbourne ALB and CG Rescue Helo Victor Alpha had already been sent to the position some 21 NM SSE of Newhaven. When they surfaced the divers were unable to reach the drifting support vessel and when 1 diver was lost from sight of the vessel Dover CG upgraded the call to a Mayday situation as the incident was taking place in the busy shipping lanes. One diver reached the support vessel and the other was recovered by Helo Victor Alpha as we arrived on scene. As we took the vessel in tow towards Newhaven a problem was discovered with both our shaft seals necessitating our abandonment of the casualty into the care of Eastbourne ALB who continued to tow the casualty to Eastbourne. Due to the ingress of water we made full speed for Sovereign Marina escorted by Helo Victor Alpha and Hastings ALB was launched as a precaution. Arrangements were made for a hoist to be ready and we were lifted from the water immediately on our arrival.
15/08/02 17:53 Fine, Good vis WSW f1 Calm 15/08/02 18:45 Person stranded
26. The skipper of a 25 ft motor cruiser anchored the vessel 200 metres off Seaford beach and had just arrived ashore in a dinghy to collect a friend when the motor ran out of petrol. The skipper's 14 year old son who suffers from cerebral palsy was stranded on the vessel alone and became anxious. His father attempted to swim back unsuccessfully. The lifeboat launched to assist and whilst the 2nd Coxswain was put aboard the vessel to calm the boy the Y boat recovered the skipper and dinghy from the beach and reunited him with his son.
02/08/02 18:12 Fine, Good vis ESE f 2 Slight 02/08/02 18:45 Missing diver
25. Launched at request of Solent CG to a diver who was reported missing after leaving Seaford beach. Female diver who had been unable to regain the beach due to exhaustion was recovered from the water and taken back to Newhaven from where Newhaven CG took her back to Seaford.
30/07/02 09:20 Overcast, Moderate vis SW f 3 Slight 30/07/02 12:00 Unexploded ordinance on MFV
24. Having picked up an unexploded device in it's fishing gear the vessel had been requested by Solent CG to return it to the sea bed approximately 1.5 NM SW of Newhaven whilst they informed the Portsmouth Royal Navy EOD team. The MFV then departed the scene and we were requested by the Navy EOD to assist as safety vessel and keep the area clear of other vessels. We escorted the Navy EOD RIB to the scene and stood by as the device was destroyed by controlled explosion before escorting them back to harbour.
29/07/02 11:52 Fine, Moderate vis S f 2 Calm 29/07/02 16:00 Angling vessel
23. We were requested by Solent CG to launch to assist a charter fishing boat with starter motor failure drifting in the shipping lanes some 18 NM south of Newhaven. Arriving on scene at 12:50 a tow was established. The passage to Newhaven was made at slow speed due to a poor tow point on the casualty.
28/07/02 17:56 Fine, Good vis SW f 2 Calm 28/07/02 18:15 Child reported missing
22. Solent CG informed us that a child had been reported missing in the Seaford Bay area. At 18:10 the child was reported to have been found safe and well and we were stood down.
18/07/02 19:24 Fine, Good vis SE f 3 Slight to moderate 18/07/02 20:15 Person needing medical attention
21. The skipper of a 12m MFV reported to Solent CG that his crewman was suffering chest pains. Advice from a doctor ashore was that the man should be taken off the vessel as soon as possible. The lifeboat arrived alongside the casualty at 19:45 and the crewman was taken aboard into the care of our paramedic. Oxygen was administered and his condition carefully monitored before he was handed into the care of the Sussex Ambulance Service.
17/07/02 15:51 Fine, Good vis WSW f 3 Slight 17/07/02 17:40 Yacht with fouled propeller
20. We were requested by Solent CG to launch to assist a yacht who's propeller had become fouled by fishing gear 1.5 NM south of Birling Gap. On arrival we found the yacht had picked up a dan buoy attached by rope to nets around it's propeller shaft. 2 crew members were put aboard the casualty with a grapnel hook and used this to pull the line in sufficiently to cut the yacht free. With it's propeller shaft still fouled by rope the casualty was towed to Newhaven.
14/07/02 16:20 Fine, Good vis SW f 3 Slight 14/07/02 17:40 Powerboat reported on fire
19. A powerboat 2 NM south of Beachy Head had reported an engine fire and requested assistance. On arrival we discovered there was actually no fire on board but the engine had overheated and blown the turbocharger. The vessel was taken in tow to Newhaven.
13/07/02 10:00 Fine, Good vis NW f 3 Slight 13/07/02 10:35 Persons missing from canoe
18. Solent CG reported that 2 children were feared missing after the canoe in which they been seen was washed up on the beach capsized. We were requested to search close inshore off the beach at Saltdean where the canoe had washed up. We were stood down at 10:10 when the children were helped ashore by Newhaven CG.
12/07/02 N/A Fine, Good vis SW f 3 Slight N/A N/A Report of red flare
17. A small power boat was reported firing red flares just off Newhaven's western breakwater and Solent CG requested we launch to their assistance at 15:02. Before we launched another small vessel was seen to take the casualty in tow and we were stood down without launching at 15:09.
09/07/02 11:10 Rain squalls WSW f 6-7 Moderate (2m swell) 09/07/02 15:10 Unexploded ordinance on MFV
16. One of Newhaven's trawlers had an unexploded 1,000 lb bomb entangled in it's nets and unable to free it the skipper did his best to prevent it rolling around on deck in the moderate seas before radioing Solent CG for assistance. The Portsmouth Royal Navy EOD team were despatched and the trawler was requested to approach to a point no nearer than 1.5 NM SW of Newhaven. In view of the adverse weather conditions for their inflatable and having in mind that the trawler crew might need to be evacuated to another vessel for their own safety the Lt. Cdr. in charge of the EOD team requested that we escort them to the scene and standby. The lifeboat took the EOD team on board and towed their inflatable to the trawler's position where they transferred back into their own boat for the short trip to board the MFV. As the bomb disposal experts worked to free the large bomb and lower it back into the sea the lifeboat guarded the area warning other vessels away to a safe distance. After the bomb had been destroyed on the sea bed by controlled explosion the lifeboat recovered the EOD team and towed their boat back to Newhaven.
04/07/02 17:35 Fair, Moderate vis WSW f 6-7 Moderate 04/07/02 18:50 Yacht with machinery failure
15. Solent CG requested our launch to a 33 ft yacht with 4 PoB which had suffered machinery failure and required assistance to enter harbour. We came alongside the yacht at 17:45 and towed it to the harbour entering at 18:24. As we were mooring the yacht alongside in the marina we were asked to return to sea to investigate 3 persons seen by the harbour authorities swimming near the end of the western breakwater. By the time we had returned to the scene the swimmers had all safely regained the shore.
27/06/02 20:20 Fine, Good vis WSW f 2 Slight 27/06/02 21:50 RIB with machinery failure
14. We were informed by Solent CG that a 6.5m dive RIB had suffered machinery failure and drifted away from the dive position with 3 divers still in the water. We were alongside the divers in the water at 20:40 and recovered them first and then the dive marker before towing the vessel back to Newhaven.
15/06/02 18:50 Rain, Good vis SSW f 2 Calm 15/06/02 20:40 Stranded dolphin
Crew members helped to support and calm the dolphin
13. Our assistance was requested by the Station Officer of Newhaven Fire Station, via Solent CG, to help to deal with a White-sided Atlantic dolphin which had become stranded on the beach inside the western breakwater at the harbour entrance. Our Y boat was launched at 18:55 and went ashore with 4 PoB. Our crew assisted the fire fighters in maintaining pumped sea water to the stranded dolphin and helped wildlife rescue experts to support and calm the animal. Regrettably despite everybody’s good efforts the marine mammal experts decided the dolphin was in very poor condition and unlikely to survive even if it could be returned to the sea. It was considered more humane to put the animal to sleep by lethal injection.
16/04/02 18:00 Fine, Good vis WSW f 3 Slight 16/04/02 18:45 Power boat with machinery failure
12. A 19 ft power boat with 2 PoB was reported to Solent CG to have suffered machinery failure 0.5 cable west of the breakwater end. We were alongside the casualty at 18:11 and found the occupants were unable to recover the anchor which was apparently caught in an obstruction. We took their anchor line aboard and using our fore deck capstan we managed to recover the anchor before towing the boat in to Newhaven Marina.
30/03/02 15:45 Fine, Good vis Light airs Calm 30/03/02 16:40 Injured jet skier
11. A report had been received by Solent CG that a jet ski rider had fallen from his machine in Seaford Bay and may have spinal injuries. An MFV some 1.25 NM from Newhaven was standing by the casualty to which we were escorted by another jet ski. On arrival we found the injured man in the water alongside his ski being supported by other jet ski riders. 3 of our crew entered the water and helped by the other jet skiers floated the casualty onto a stretcher where he was offered Entenox (pain killing gas) before he was hoisted aboard the lifeboat. The Entenox treatment continued as he was immobilised and supported as the lifeboat returned at slow speed to Newhaven. The casualty was handed into the care of the Sussex Ambulance Service who took him to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton for treatment. Despite suffering spinal injuries we are pleased to report the man made a complete recovery in time.
09/03/02 14:10 Fine, Good vis SW f 6-7 Rough 09/03/02 16:20 Yacht with fouled propeller
10. Solent CG requested we launch to assist a 27 ft yacht with 4 PoB trying to enter Brighton Marina. The yacht had a fouled propeller and was unable to sail into the marina safely owing to the weather conditions. Brighton ILB had also launched and as the conditions at the entrance were too poor to consider taking the yacht in they started to tow the casualty seaward. On arrival on scene Newhaven ALB took over the tow and proceeded back to Newhaven with 1 Brighton crew member remaining on board to help the yacht’s crew. The yacht was safely berthed in the marina at Newhaven at 15:58.
26/02/02 18:10 Fine, Good vis SW f 2-3 Calm 26/02/02 18:56 Persons in danger of drowning
9. We were informed by Solent CG that Newhaven Police and Newhaven CG, both dealing with an incident aboard a ferry in the harbour had requested our assistance. A group of Romanians who had run amok aboard were threatening to throw their children overboard into the harbour unless they were granted asylum. We were requested to keep the lifeboat on our berth but launch the Y boat to stand by north of the ferry berth to await developments. The immigrants were soon rounded up by the Police and CG and escorted from the ferry at which point we were stood down.
24/02/02 N/A Rain, good vis SW f 4 Moderate 24/02/02 13:00 Person injured and fouled propeller
As we approached the yacht we realised the injured person was trapped up the mast
8. Whilst on exercise with Brighton ILB off Brighton we were informed at 11:20 by Solent CG that a yacht nearby had an injured person aboard and required assistance. On arrival on scene Brighton ILB was asked to transfer our paramedic and ambulance technician aboard the casualty. As we approached we realised the injured person was trapped 1/2 way up the mast and we discovered the yacht had fouled it's propeller with one of it's own ropes and was unable to drop it's sails as it was unable to turn. We passed a tow line under way and gently brought the yacht in tow towards Brighton Marina at which point the yacht was able to lower the mainsail. The injured person was then lowered down the mast and treated for her upper arm fracture and hand injury. The treatment continued as the yacht was towed into Brighton marina and the casualty was handed into the care of the Sussex Ambulance Service.
07/02/02 11:30 Rain, Good vis SSW f 6-7 Moderate 07/02/02 13:45 Person fallen from cliff
7. Solent CG informed us that a possible suicide attempt may take place at Belle Toute west of Beachy Head. We arrived on scene and due to the on scene weather it was not considered possible to launch the Y boat to go ashore. The CG Auxiliary cliff teams from Newhaven and Birling Gap proceeded to recover the person now confirmed to have fallen from the cliff whilst we were requested to stand by off shore and assist with radio communications which were hampered by the CG Auxiliaries being so close under the cliffs. We were stood down at 12:45 when all persons were safely recovered.
01/02/02 18:55 Fine, Good vis S f 8-9 V. Rough (3.5m swell) 01/02/02 21:25 Person in danger of drowning
6. A report was made to Solent CG of a person in the water under Brighton Pier. The sea was too rough to launch Brighton ILB so we were launched together with Shoreham ALB and CG Rescue Helo India Juliet. A thorough search of the area around the pier and as far east as the marina was carried out by the three units but nothing was found. At 20:45 the search was called off, the person presumed drowned and all search units were stood down.
01/02/02 N/A Fine, Good vis SSE f 6-7 Rough N/A N/A Merchant vessel stranded
5. We were informed at 09:00 by Solent CG that a 12,000 ton ferry had come out of the deep water channel and grounded on the eastern bank whilst making it's approach to the port. The pilot boat and tug were in attendance but the lifeboat was put on stand by as the tug had fouled both propellers with a rope. The lifeboat was made ready for sea with engines running but without assistance, using her anchors and the rising tide the ferry refloated, regained deep water and entered the harbour. The lifeboat was stood down at 11:45.
14/01/02 10:12 Cloud and mist SW f 2 Slight 14/01/02 11:16 Large MFV with steering failure
4. A large 26m MFV suffered hydraulic steering failure 4 NM SW of Newhaven. Initially the assistance of a tug was considered but the skipper was reluctant because of the cost. Other avenues were explored before approximately 1 hr 20 minutes later when the situation had not been resolved we were requested to launch to escort the vessel to harbour. Once alongside the casualty the skipper requested a tow into Newhaven. A tow was passed and the MFV was towed into harbour and berthed alongside East Quay into the care of Newhaven CG.
13/01/02 21:40 Fine, Good vis SE f 1-2 Slight 13/01/02 23:05 Person missing
3. Solent CG had received a report that a woman may have entered the water at West Pier, Brighton in a suicide attempt, her handbag having been found on the beach. As Brighton ILB searched the scene and CG searched the shoreline we were tasked to search 0.25 NM off shore from Newhaven to Brighton Marina at 10 knots. On completion of that search leg we were asked to search back towards Newhaven. At 22:38 we were informed that the missing person had been found safe and well at home and we were stood down and returned to station.
06/01/02 19:02 Rain, good vis WSW f 1-2 Calm 06/01/02 20:50 Fishing vessel with fouled propeller
2. Requested by Solent CG to launch to assist a 36 ft MFV 3 NM south of Beachy Head with engine overheating due to fouled propeller. Arrived on scene at 19:30 when the vessel was taken in tow to Newhaven Marina.
06/01/02 10:42 Fog, 20 m vis Light airs Calm 06/01/02 13:43 Recovery of human body
1. Whilst on exercise we were requested to proceed to Crowlink where Sussex Police had reported the sighting of a body at the base of the cliff. We were asked to stand by whilst Newhaven and Birling Gap CG attempted to recover the body via the cliff. The casualty was located by the cliff team but owing to the size of the casualty they requested us to evacuate by Y boat. The Y boat was launched with 3 crew aboard and assisted by the CG ashore the casualty was placed aboard the Y boat and transferred to the ALB before being taken back to Newhaven and handed into the care of Sussex Police.
Light airs = No appreciable wind PoB = Persons on board NM = Nautical miles CG = Coastguard
ALB = All weather lifeboat ILB = Inshore lifeboat MFV = Motor fishing vessel Helo = Helicopter
EOD = Explosive Ordinance Disposal RIB = Rigid Inflatable Boat Cable = Distance of 200 yds Y boat = Inflatable daughter boat
Hi line = Method of helo transfer using weighted line to reach winch wire f = Force of wind on the Beaufort Scale vis = visibility
DSC = Digital Selective Calling - automated calling and distress system enabling calls to be made without voice communication

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