The Branch

All lifeboat stations have the same basic team of individuals who between them keep the service running at local level known as The Branch. These posts are completely unpaid, surprising perhaps when you consider that the launching authorities can be wakened in the middle of the night and expected to make instant responsible decisions or the Lifeboat Medical Advisor can be called on at any time to attend at a medical emergency.

The Branch officials include the Lifeboat Operations Manager (LOM) (formerly known as and still often referred to as the Honorary Secretary or Hon Sec), Chairman, Deputy Launching Authorities (DLA's), Lifeboat Medical Advisor (LMA), Lifeboat Press Officer (LPO) and Treasurer. Apart from handling all administrative matters for the station the LOM is our principle Launching Authority. If the Coastguard want us to launch they first page the LOM and request his approval to launch our lifeboat. In his absence the LOM passes on that responsibility to one of the DLA's.

The Chairman - Dr Mike Draisey

The Chairman

Members of the Branch after a meeting

Members of the Branch

The Lifeboat Operations Manager - Mike Tubb

The Hon Sec
or LOM